Friday, April 22, 2016

It's opening in Manhattan. Get the details here.

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Niche bars themed around some very specific Hollywood something-or-other have been a strange little trend as of late. Late last year, New York City got a Will Ferrell-themed bar. Then a George Costanza-themed bar opened in Australia of all places. And in February, a small town in Iowa found out they were getting a Big Lebowski-themed bar.

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Are these bar's actually drawing in drinkers? Apparently, the Will Ferrell-themed bar, called Stay Classy, is doing pretty well because the owners are opening a second themed watering hole. Though a John C. Reilly pub might seem like the next logical step, instead, the Stay Classy crew wants to head in a more artistic Hollywood direction and are planning to open a Tim Burton-themed bar in Manhattan later this month. I guess this one is their passion project.

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Beetle House promises to have everything you could even want in a Tim Burton-themed bar – assuming you would want a Tim Burton-themed bar. Drinks have names like the Big Fish Bowl, The Barber's Bloody Mary and, of course, Beetlejuice. Comparatively, the food names are a bit more of a stretch: Things such as Victor Van Pork (sure), Cheshire Mac (meh), Edward Burger Hand (ugh).

The restaurant, which is billed as "an odd and unusual atmosphere, draped in mystery and fun, cornered by devilish drinks and heavenly food," proclaims it is opening in late April and that it will be "Halloween all year long!" If you're looking for a place that would rather be playing Ed Woodthan the NBA playoffs, I'm guessing this will be your new favorite hangout.

It's opening in Manhattan. Get the details here.

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