Thursday, April 7, 2016

Flight attendants and their family members shared stories of the most bizarre things they've seen mid-air on a Reddit thread. Read on for the scoop.

Travelers have all encountered a rowdy or unruly passenger at some point, but flight attendants deal with them all the time. It's not just calming down angry fliers, but also bearing witness to some of the most bizarre behavior humans have to offer. With so many strange stories to share, it makes sense that a Reddit thread would pop up, where anonymous cabin crew members could reveal their most shocking mid-air experiences.

One user named zaderatsky said she was a flight attendant in the 1970s and often saw prostitutes looking for clients on her New York to San Juan, Puerto Rico, route. "On a couple of occasions, hookers would saunter around the plane, hitting on guys who looked as if they were travelling alone," she wrote. "I'd see them occasionally sneaking into a lav with a john. Some of them did enough business to pay their fare. It was easy to spot them in the winter because they'd board the plane in hot pants, tube tops, and platform shoes when it was 20 degrees outside."

Another poster named transatlantique wrote about a particularly sickening incident while serving beverages. "I parked my cart, asked a guy what he wanted to drink. He started to answer, then held up a finger, puked into a plastic grocery bag and then went on to ask me for a ginger ale."

A security worked going by the Reddit name of mits06 described a time when a plane was grounded because a passenger smoked the hallucinogenic drug PCP in the bathroom and had a total meltdown.

It wasn't just flight attendants sharing their stories. Relatives and friends of crews regaled the thread with tales they've been told. "My father is a pilot and apparently one time when he was flying a flight back to Australia, the champion Australian rugby team was flying back on his flight," wrote hubberbubber. "They rented out the entirety of first class, and the moment the flight reached cruising altitude, stripped down to their boxers. Allegedly they were some of the most polite patrons he had seen, but were just mostly naked."

Another user named jbOOgi3 wrote, "My grandpa was a flight attendant and he said that he saw someone petting a squirrel that they snuck into the flight in a carry on."

Little_mermarx added a story her mother told her: "It was a transatlantic flight and halfway through the flight, near the back of the plane, the overhead bin started raining maggots on the passengers in one row—just pouring through."

An anonymous poster told a story a flight attendant shared with him about "a guy who tried to lick her every time she reached across to hand a food/drink to the guy in window seat."

Lastly, one of the craziest stories was shared by thearcheress. "One of my cousins is a flight attendant. One of her duties is to make sure all infants on the flight are accounted for. On this flight there were supposed to be three infants and she could find only two. She looked up the seat assignment and went up to the passengers who were supposed to have the third. They were a couple, very young and very obviously from a rural area. When she asked them where their baby was, they pointed to the overhead bin. Apparently this was their first flight ever and they thought the overhead bin was some kind of baby carrier. My cousin had to rescue the baby and very sternly ask his parents to keep him on their lap."

Flight attendants and their family members shared stories of the most bizarre things they've seen mid-air on a Reddit thread. Read on for the scoop.

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