Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Read about their new experimental electronic luggage tags, here.

This article originally appeared on fortune.com.

Alaska Airlines wants to make losing your luggage a thing of the past.

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To do it, the company is testing reusable, solar-powered tags that connect to its mobile app, according to the Los Angeles Times.

After buying a ticket through Alaska Airlines' app, the Seattle-based company asks the person whether or not to activate the electronic luggage tag. Once turned on, Bluetooth technology syncs with the passenger's smartphone to display information on its screen, the publication reported.

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Loesje Degroen, the airline's customer research and development manager, told the Times that the tag was first tested with 60 employees last year. Now it's being tried out with 50 passengers with plans to expand the experiment in the coming months.

For more on the electronic tag, check out this Alaska Airlines video:

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This isn't the first experiment conducted by Alaska Airlines to offer innovative products. The carrier has also offered solar-powered ramps for passengers and has tested a way for passengers to board an airline with just their fingerprints, according to the Times.

Read about their new experimental electronic luggage tags, here.

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