Tuesday, February 9, 2016

It's like a cross between room service and Roomba.

This article appeared on time.com.

Room service across the country could get a reboot, as the start-up Savioke places robot bellhops in hotels.

The robots are called Relay, and are engineered to deliver supplies such as towels, toothpaste or coffee to hotel rooms, the Los Angeles Times reports. Once hotel employees stock the Relays with whatever needs delivering and punch in the room number, the 3-foot, 100-pound machines use Wi-Fi and 3D cameras to roll to their destination, call the customers inside and drop off the goods.

Savioke has already placed the robots in 12 American hotels, and plans on expanding across America after receiving $15 million in new financing last month. And it seems the Relay makes clean towels more exciting than ever before: the manager of one Mariott that uses the robots said customers will call in orders just to meet the robot.

[Los Angeles Times]

It's like a cross between room service and Roomba.

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