Tuesday, January 19, 2016

This story originally appeared on Yahoo.com.

Developers in Montenegro are facing some backlash after deciding to turn a former concentration camp into a luxury hotel.

According to Forbes, local Parliament has given their stamp of approval for what will be called Mamula Resort—despite the fact that families of those imprisoned there during WWII are strongly against the construction.

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The island's name is Lastavica, and a fort was built there in 1853 by Austro-Hungarian general Lazar Mamula to stave off a military attack. During WWII, Mussolini turned the fort into a concentration camp with the reputation for torturing prisoners. Of the 2,300 imprisoned there between 1942 and 1943, 130 were killed or starved to death.

Today, the island is more commonly referred to as Mamula, and its location in Boka Bay makes it a beautiful destination. In fact, tourists have been visiting the island for years — exploring its dark history and stunning views.

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Even with plans to build a spa, dance floor, and V.I.P area, developers have promised to preserve much of the island's history. "We will create a museum with the best restaurant and the best hotel on the Mediterranean," said Samih Saviris, president of Orascom Development.

Some of the coolest hotels around the world are made from old buildings used in a new way. There are old factories in Brooklyn that now serve as trendy hipster hotspots, and hotels around Portland that used to be schools.

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But turning a concentration camp into a hotel? That's a first.

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