Sunday, January 17, 2016

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Thanks to the Internet, most millennials today will never know the shame (or, depending on your personality, exhilaration) of walking into the adult section of a video store to get your kicks. But apparently a new semi-speakeasy bar in Los Angeles lets patrons relive those adult video section glory days by stashing its entrance in the "adults only" section of a fake video store.

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Fittingly called "Adults Only," the new bar has a little bit of an SNL's Stefon vibe. Located literally in the middle of a Sunset Boulevard strip mall between a Burger King and Starbucks, the bar only has discreet signage featuring its name. Once inside, interested drinkers have to walk past a collection of VHS tapes, through a curtain and into another section of videos that are strictly for adults (aka, pornos). Continue onward though and you reach what LAist calls "a huge, open space with high-ceilings, a stained glass window and a glorious bar with just the right amount of dim lighting."

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Luckily, the bar itself is not at all pornography themed. (Save that for the San Fernando Valley.) Instead, it's just a good, ol' fashioned bar hidden in the back of a porno store featuring things like a craft cocktail list, a billiard table and a photo booth.

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No word on if you can actually rent any of the videos—not that I asked or anything. Actually, never mind. Forget I said anything.

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