Thursday, January 28, 2016

Eight quotes illustrating why he's a model Aussie.

When Australia announced that its global ambassador for the country's new coastal and aquatic campaign would be Chris Hemsworth, everyone had one question on their mind: Who would Thor rather perform in a band with, Kiss or Miley Cyrus? Without hesitation, the Sexiest Man Alive pronounced the name of his brother Liam's infamous ex.

The unveiling took place in the middle of New York¹s Bryant Park, where winter storm Jonas had buried the city in record snowfall. Still, turnout was strong, no doubt those ladies in stilettos (moon boots at coat check) braving the cold with hopes of glimpsing the international heartthrob who, alas, is married and has three children.

Celebrity chef Curtis Stone MC'd the event, and peppered Hemsworth with the obvious questions‹why he said yes to this new role, what makes Australia special, etc., and also a few spicier, unapproved queries. The goal was to increase interest in coastal and aquatic travel in Australia (#seeAustralia), which has surged in recent years, attracting more than 1.9 million visitors last year to the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland alone.

Hemsworth's off-the-cuff answers to Curtis's lightening round shows how astute Tourism Australia's Vice President Jane Whitehead was in choosing the chiseled blond to spread the word of the country's extraordinary coastline.

Here are a few of Chris Hemsworth's best sound bites:

1.) When asked what it¹s like to be in New York City during this major snowstorm: "Snow is a novelty for us. It's like being in a Christmas movie."

2.) One myth he would like to put to rest: "I remember first coming to LA and this is the honest to goodness truth people would ask if we rode kangaroos across Sydney Harbour Bridge. That is true."

3.) "I loved living in California but once I returned home I thought, wow, this is where I want my kids to grow up. I don't think anywhere in the world has the variety or diversity that coastal Australia has."

4.) "The first time I took my wife to Australia, we went to Victoria and spent most of the time inside. I was very sick. And she was like, "I don¹t get it, what¹s the big deal?" So I got better, and then I took her up the Great Ocean Road and she was swept away by the magic of the place."

5.) On his childhood Down Under: "I was born in Melbourne and spent a lot of time every weekend traveling with my dad down the coast. And he would stand on the beach and watch us surf, and if we were in trouble he would swim out and drag us back. And then he decided it was probably better if he learned to surf. And he did. And that was my childhood."

6.) When asked if he would rather wear "budgie smugglers" or boardies, he replied, "Boardies. But I used to wear budgie smugglers!" Google it.

7.) Curtis cheekily questioned Hemsworth on whether he would rather wear his full Thor costume for a week while on vacation in Australia, or run naked through Bryant Park. Surprisingly Hemsworth took the latter. "Run naked through Bryant Park. I've worn that costume more than enough." Ouch to Australia! Double ouch to Marvel!

8.) The zinger, and clearly not approved by Hemsworth¹s publicist: "Would you rather dance naked for Donald Trump, or have Donald Trump dance naked for you?" The Sexiest Man is not the kinkiest man. He didn't take the bait. "Oh, that's a hard one. Neither of those sound interesting to me!" he retorted.

But everyone in Bryant Park's Celsius pop-up bar was imagining Chris Hemsworth sans board idea or budgie smugglers doing a Magic Mike for The Donald.

Eight quotes illustrating why he's a model Aussie.

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