Wednesday, December 2, 2015

American Airlines put her on the wrong flight
An airline mishap landed a very cute corgi named Bethany
in Honolulu, Hawaii, instead of Jackson, Mississippi.
But she really didn't
seem to mind the mixup.
Bethany was heading from Seattle to her new home in Jackson, Hawaii News Now
But during a layover in Dallas, American Airlines staff placed her on
the wrong flight, ultimately sending her to a tropical paradise instead.
she is, looking rather content, as corgis so often do: A corgi got a free
trip to Hawaii after being put on the wrong plane— BuzzFeed (@BuzzFeed) December 1, 2015 The
pup's breeder, Paul Chen, reported her missing on Saturday, and initially
feared that she'd been stolen.
The airline quickly realized its mistake once
she landed in Hawaii.
She was held under the care of a veterinarian before
being sent back to Dallas to complete her original itinerary.
We can only hope that Bethany made the most of her brief tropical
Maybe she even learned to surf, like another corgi we know.
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