Friday, November 6, 2015

You spend a lot of money
on vacation—it only make sense that you put a good amount of research into
your destination.
Here's something that might help: The Legatum Institute, a
think-tank in London, recently released the results from its annual Global
Prosperity Index.
For those not familiar with the report, it breaks down the
healthiest, richest, and most crime-free countries in the world by giving each
country a score for eight different categories: Economy, Entrepreneurship
& Opportunity, Governance, Education, Health, Safety & Security,
Personal Freedom, and Social Capital.
To save you the time of digging through the full data collection—although
it's highly recommended!—we pulled out five facts that may have you
re-thinking your vacation plans for the year.
Norway is the Place to Be This year, Norway tops the overall list.
Scandinavian country came in No.
4 for Economy, No.
5 for Entrepreneurship,
8 for Governance, No.
5 for Education, No.
4 for Health, No.
8 for Safety
& Security, No.
3 for Personal Freedom, and No.
2 for Social Capital.
that means: You might like it so much, you'll want to live there.
The United States is Getting More Dangerous The U.S.
has never really
topped the list for crime-free destinations, but it's dropped to 33rd from
last year's rank of 31st on the Safety & Security sub-index.
A lot of this
violence is cited as state-sponsored political violence. To put it in
perspective: Amnesty International reports that the United States has the same
level of political violence as Saudi Arabia. And It's Not Just the United
The Index shows that there have been dramatic declines in all areas of the
world (aside from Europe) in the Safety & Security sub-index.
The Legatum
Institute credits this to increased tension, violence, and displaced people.
Indonesia is Becoming Richer Faster Than Any Other Country In the last
seven years, Indonesia has rocketed 21 spots on the Prosperity Index, thanks
to its healthy movement up the Economy and Entrepreneurship & Opportunity
Start-up costs have decreased from 26 percent of the gross
national income per capita to 21.1 percent, meaning it's much less risky to
start a new endeavor in the country than in years past.
The percent of people
happy with their living standards has also hopped from 63 percent to 71
percent, which may be the ultimate indicator that things are going well.
Canada is the Freest Country in the World Aside from ranking No.
1 in the
Personal Freedom sub-index, Canada is also the most tolerant country of
immigrants—92 percent of citizens agree it's a great place for
The country was also ranked the fifth most-tolerant of ethnic
Sounds like the perfect place for a visit, eh? Erika Owen is
the Audience Engagement Editor at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter and
Instagram at @erikaraeowen.
The Legatum Institute released their annual global Prosperity
We pulled out everything you need to know.
Read more here.

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