Tuesday, November 3, 2015

After a visit to Portland,
you'll hopefully head home with a few things: a belly full of Voodoo Donuts
and Hopworks beers; memories of fun times exploring the city; and sore
hamstrings from an awesome hike in Forest Park. But if you'd also like take
back something a bit more permanent, check out these quintessentially Portland
souvenirs—just pack (gently) in your suitcase to bring a little of the
Pacific Northwest's beauty home with you. A terrarium It's hard to
find a trendy store, restaurant, or hotel in the city that isn't decorated
with a beautiful glass vessel sprouting an air plant. Make your own from the
colored sand, stones, shells, and wide variety of plants at Artemisia.
They'll expertly pack your creation for airplane carry-on, or help you
design a packable kit so you can assemble the terrarium at home. Jewelry
and ceramics Handmade local crafts are a big deal in Portland (after all,
it's home to the twice-annual Crafty Wonderland fair with more than 200
vendors). Carter & Rose stocks only small-production, made-in-Portland
items, including leather bags, wall planters, art pieces, ceramics, cards,
soaps, and jewelry. Your best bet? A pair of super-cool geometric earrings
from Essie Day Jewelry, and a colorful jewelry dish handmade by the owners to
display them in-between wearings. Paper art Bring home a beautiful
letterpress card from local printers Egg Press to stick on the fridge, or opt
for a frame-ready art print. Two stores that stock great ones (including
lovely portraits of animals wearing civilized human outfits, from local artist
Ryan Berkley) are Tender Loving Empire and Land Gallery. Voila! Portland on
your walls. Wine Hopefully while in town you got a taste of the
delicious wines from Oregon's Willamette Valley. Since you may worry about
a bottle getting cracked in your checked bag, instead pack a can of Underwood
Pinot Noir or Pinot Gris —yes, good wine in a can—from Union Wine Co.
Based in Portland, Sarah Z. Wexler is on the Oregon beat for Travel +
Leisure. Follow her on Twitter at @SarahZWexler. Here's
how to bring a little bit of the Pacific Northwest back home with you. Read
on for the best souvenirs from Portland.

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