Monday, November 9, 2015

Swimsuits not required.
In a tiny museum off the coast of Honduras near the island
of Roatán, four eras of history lies just below the surface of the Caribbean
Sea's pristine blue water.
The Bay Islands Underwater Museum isn't just any
ordinary museum: as it's name suggests, it's entirely underwater.
Bay Islands Underwater
Museum The museum is home to dozens of amazing sculptures and
artifacts—such as Spanish galleons, canoes from settlers of African descent,
and even a submerged Mayan cemetery. Thanks to the Mesoamerican barrier reef
that surrounds the entire island, the museum is engulfed by a lively aquatic
world, and thus, the perfect opportunity to marvel at a variety of colorful
sea creatures that call the space home (think: sea turtles, stingrays,
lionfish, and moray eels).
In short, it's dream-come-true for any diver (or
history buff).
Ellie Storck is the Digital Editorial Assistant at Travel + Leisure.
can follow her on Instagram at @ellienan.
Explore discovered artifacts and tropical wildlife at the Bay
Islands Underwater Museum in Honduras—read on to learn more about this
unique museum experience.

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