Saturday, November 7, 2015

Police warned locals to shelter in place.
The San Diego International Airport stopped all landings
after police reported an active shooter in the city's Little Italy
A man has been sporadically firing in an apartment complex in the area,
police said according to the Associated Press.
So far no one has been reported
Officers were responding to a domestic violence call when they heard
gunshots at the complex a little after 9 a.m.
on Wednesday.
The shots
camewithin inches of hitting the officers, 10 News reports.
The police said on Twitter that people should "Stay away from all windows
until further notice and Shelter in place." SWAT teams were in the area
and numerous streets in the immediate vicinity were shut down by around 10
local time, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.
Active gun fire.
Residents near 2445 Brant St.
Little Italy.
Stay away
from all windows until further notice and Shelter in place.
— San Diego PD (@SanDiegoPD) November 4, 2015 City Tree Christian
School and Washington Elementary School have been put on lockdown as a
precautionary measure, the San Diego Police reported on Nextdoor, a
neighborhood social network.
"Parents are advised to stay out of the
The children are safe," the police posted.
The shooting has caused disruption at the San Diego International
Airport."We are allowing departures but we are not landing aircraft due to
the active shooter situation under the approach path," Ian Gregor, a public
affairs manager at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) told TIME.
This story originally appeared on Time

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