Wednesday, November 18, 2015

These local, artisanal treasures will keep you
stylish, sated, and feeling forever French.
Chanel, Dior, Balmain—ooh la la. The designer name game
is real in Paris, but souvenirs need not always cost a week's salary.
you can purchase many of those brands back home, or even online.
The same goes
for chocolates by Pierre Hermé, or prints, mugs, and bookmarks of Monet's
water lilies and Toulouse-Lautrec's cancan dancers.
For something unique, try
these independent wearables, eatables, and display-ables that will surely up
your Francophile factor.
Trés Chic Items to Wear or Carry Paris is full of charming boutiques and
off-kilter shops that offer trinkets made by independent "createurs," as
they're called.
Stores like Sept Cinq in South Pigalle showcase gold-plated
charm necklaces featuring a dangling Eiffel Tower, and Les Impertinentes in
the 2nd arrondissement, near popular Rue Montorgueil, offers string bracelets
with words like "Bonjour" or "Bonheur" (happiness) etched on gold
Expat designers like Kasia Dietz make clever, handprinted totes
(pictured) that show allegiance to Rive Gauche, Rive Droite or even certain
Parisian postal codes, and are available at stores like Brand Bazar in
Tasty Treats That Will Linger The shelf-life of a baguette is likely
shorter than your plane ride home, and a chunk of Beaufort will only make your
fellow fliers turn their noses up.
Thankfully, Paris offers an array of
specialty goodies for gourmands that'll last long after you've unpacked.
big-city aficionados, there's Maison de thé Marriage Freres' "Paris New York"
green tea, which offers a balanced blend of notes that represent the two
cities: romantic brioche (Paris) and animated hazelnut (NYC).
The mustards
from Edmond Fallot, a third generation family business in Burgundy, will dress
le hot dog as if it were haute couture, and while the eclairs from L'Eclaire
de Genie is sure to squish in the overhead bin, their tubes of caramel in
flavors such as sesame orange blossom will sate any sweet tooth.
All of these
can be found at Lafayette Gourmet.
Iconic Design Troves to Display at Home Concept shops such as Merci in
the Marais are ripe with unique knick-knacks and artistic gems, such as matted
prints of the mock magazine project called The Parisianer, made by various
local illustrators in the cover style of the New Yorker.
There's a classic
Paris scene to suit all tastes, from a classic bistro to the most ubiquitous
of all, the Eiffel Tower.
British artist Jenni Sparks offers her own playful
representation of the city through handdrawn maps, complete with cartoon-style
icons for famous monuments and landmarks.
The 24-x-24-inch framable pieces are
available through Evermade, but they can also be found on mugs and stationary
at BHV department store.
Sara Lieberman lives in Paris and covers the city for Travel +
Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.
Local gifts to wear, eat and display at home that are unique
to Paris

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