Friday, November 13, 2015

In anticipation of his move to New York City,
the acclaimed Icelandic chef talks about his favorite dishes, most beloved
kitchen tools, and where to eat in Reykjavik.
Acclaimed Icelandic chef Gunnar Karl Gislason earned a
name for himself at Restaurant Dill, a cozy tasting-menu spot set in a former
horse barn in Reykjavik.
For his latest venture, he'll be relocating to New
York City to run Claus Meyer's first restaurant in the U.S., which will serve
seasonal, Nordic-inspired cuisine at Grand Central Terminal's new food
(Restaurant Dill will remain open.) Here, Gislason—whose cookbook,
North: The New Nordic Cuisine of Iceland, hit shelves last year—dishes on
his favorite cooking tool, where to eat in Reykjavik, and more.
Favorite ingredient to cook with and why? Potatoes have always been my
favorite, simply because there is nothing better than new potatoes, boiled and
eaten with salt and good butter—a lot of butter.
One rule you learned in cooking school that every home cook should know:
How to boil potatoes.
One rule you learned in cooking school that every home cook should ignore:
Don't take those recipes too seriously.
Mistakes are sometimes the best
invention of all.
Play with what you have and make it yours.
Kitchen tool you can't live without: After my knives, it would be the
I burn a lot of things, everything from a piece of meat to fish to
I use it to add a little grill flavor.
Secret weapon spice/ingredient/technique: Well, it would not be a secret
if I told you…But it would probably be all kinds of preservation: fermented
green strawberries, fermented jus from the summer's tomatoes, dried herbs
and spices, pickled vegetables, and sour stuff in whey. You better be ready
for winter in Iceland.
Spice/ingredient/technique you turn to again and again: I would say
angelica, rutabaga, and smoke.
Favorite dish to cook at home: Icelandic meat soup, made from lamb.
take a lamb shoulder and offal like heart or tongue, and sear on all sides
until golden-brown.
Put the meat in a pot along with a peeled and cubed yellow
beet, small potatoes, angelica, and chervil.
Season well with salt and pepper,
and pour water in the pot, enough to cover everything.
Cook at 120 degrees
Note: about 250 degrees F] for about 18 hours.
Serve and enjoy with
Perfect day of eating in your city: My new favorite breakfast spot is
Kaffihús Vesturbæjar, an old pharmacy that opened as a café in the
Vesturbæjar neighborhood a few months ago.
I also love Grái Kötturinn (Gray
Cat), and Reykjavik Roasters for coffee.
For lunch, Hverfisgata 12 serves
relaxed bar snacks and good pizza.
If I'm not at Dill, then a great meal and
live jazz at Sæmundur í sparifötunum at Kex Hostel on Tuesday evening tops
And for dessert, I go for something sweet from Ásgeir Sandholt on
Acclaimed Icelandic chef Gunnar Karl Gislason answers
questions about his favorite cooking tools, secret ingredients, Reykjavik
restaurants, and more.

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