Monday, November 30, 2015

More now than ever,
airport security is tight (remember the little boy who lost his Buzz Lightyear
toy to the hands of the TSA?).
Ethan Booth—a programmer and self-proclaimed
"security researcher"—is out to single-handedly prove that it's possible to
get a weapon on an airplane.
(Disclaimer: Booth's work is done completely in
the spirit of research.) His method: assembling hazardous devices completely
out of items that can be bought in the airport stores beyond security
checkpoints. As horrible of an idea bringing any sort of a weapon onboard
is—seriously: don't do it—Booth's research project brings up an
interesting point.
It wouldn't be hard to imagine such creations in a museum
exhibit of sorts or research paper.
Courtesy of
Evan Booth Booth has more than a dozen handmade weapons on his
YouTube profile, ranging in complexity from the "Adorable Blowgun" and the
"Cerrsberr Crossbow" (below) to the "Blunderbussness Class Break-Action
Shotgun" that uses lithium batteries to heat and eventually ignite a can of
Axe body spray.
That being said, Booth takes great caution in alerting
authorities of his work.
According to a write-up on Fast Company, Booth sends
the FBI and TSA reports before sharing any of his findings on his website,
Terminal Cornucopia (which warranted an—unannounced—visit from a few FBI
agents and resulted in a failed request for research funding).
Courtesy of
Evan Booth
Courtesy of Evan Booth
Courtesy of The DIY weapons look
intimidating, but what's the real damage? Booth runs through his
Blunderbussness Class Break-Action Shotgun in the video below: Erika
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Ethan Booth is doing some research—namely on the kinds of
weapons you can make only using materials bought from airport stores after
going through security.
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