Saturday, November 14, 2015

These locally made gifts will make sure you
never forget your trip to Oz.
Melbourne is a town of artists and dreamers, writers and
thinkers, and while it's still possible to grab a plush toy koala or a
t-shirt splashed with a slogan in the city, there are plenty of far more
creative options when it comes to slipping a few souvenirs and gifts into your
Here are a few of our favorites.
Vintage Posters From 1910 until the 1960s designer James Northfield
created a huge series of graphic advertisements depicting all aspects of
Australian living, from the scenery to the wildlife.
This 1936 creation,
Melbourne: The Garden Capital of Australia, was part of Victoria Railway's
tourism campaign.
Since 2012, Northfield's designs have become available
again from Australian Vintage Posters in three sizes, from $113.
Rooftop Honey The health of the environment is largely dependent on the
health of the bee population, so, in 2011, beekeepers Mat Lumalasi and Vanessa
Kwiatkowski set up Rooftop Honey.
Their plan was to bring bees back to the
city by placing hives on roofs and in gardens.
Jars of the sweet stuff,
collected from the Central Business District and surrounding suburbs, are
available from Rooftop Honey's website and locations around the city; $11.
Printed Bandanas Anyone who has been in Melbourne for more than a few
hours will probably have jumped on one of the trams that ferry folks around
the city.
The heritage W-class trams used on the City Circle route have been
captured on Hanky Fever's gorgeous unisex handkerchiefs, so anyone can keep
a piece of Melbourne in their pocket; $11.
Local Beauty Products Rennie Ellis captured the dark, often unseen side
of Melbourne in his photographs.
The late artist worked mainly in the 1970s
and 1980s, and his work can still be seen in a number of major galleries.
2014, local company Kleins Perfumery released a number of products—body wash
and hand cream included—inspired by Ellis's art and featuring his
The No Standing Only Dancing soap with Australian Wild Mint is an easy
one to fit in the suitcase­; $7.
City Pride Pennant Hang a slice of the city in the living room, with
Penelope Durston's Melbourne pennant.
The collection also includes a number
of suburbs, including Fitzroy and Brunswick; $32.
Carrie Hutchinson lives in Melbourne and covers the city for Travel +
If you're looking for the perfect presents to bring back from
your Australia trip, we've got our picks for what to buy in Melbourne.
Read on
for the details.

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