Thursday, November 12, 2015

Caviar, grasshoppers, or alligator tail? Take
your pick.
Ignoring, for a moment, the plush biscuit taco from a
certain fast food chain that dominated the internet this spring, it's a
marvel how much Americans love tacos.
The hashtag #tacotuesday continues to
trend wildly, and we show no slowing in our desire to talk about and consume
These days, chefs are going beyond the classic Mexican toppings of
cilantro, minced onion, and lime.
And although certainly some popular
south-of-the-border meats push diners out of their comfort zones —lengua
(tongue) and tripitas (tripe) among them—there are even more extraordinary
options afoot.
Here are seven worth your attention.
Caviar Tacos Leave it to Vegas to concoct the $78 taco.
Lie in the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, potato-shell tacos are filled
with Hamachi and golden Osetra caviar… for a steep price.
Want to try a less
expensive caviar on your taco? You can try one with Hackleback caviar for a
mere $15 a pop.
© Aurora Photos /
Alamy Stock Photo Chapulines (Grasshopper) Tacos Enormously
popular in parts of Mexico, where baskets of grasshoppers line open-air
markets and street vendors sell them as snacks, chapulines are starting to see
a boom in popularity stateside.
Los Angeles in particular has many restaurants
that feature the crunchy critters in tacos, including Guelaguetza.
(Tip: If
you don't see them on the menu, you can always ask; at some restaurants,
they're off-menu specials.) Shredded Bison Tacos The trend in locally
sourced regional cooking means that smart restaurateurs are taking what they
know—in this case, Colorado's bison—and putting it in a taco
Tocabe considers its food a "new and unique take on American Indian
cuisine," and serve an "Indian taco" with a flash-fried flour dough base
called "fry bread." You can top it with whatever meat you like—chicken,
beef, or bison—but we'd suggest the shredded bison, which benefits from a
seven-spice dry rub, a slow roast overnight, and an adobe marinade.
Python Tacos At Boca Tacos y Tequila, the regular menu looks unassuming
enough—carnitas here, carne asada there—but if you swing by the Tucson,
Arizona spot on a Wednesday, you're there on special taco day, and thus
might be able to order a python, emu, wild boar, or venison taco—just a few
of the recent offerings.
Ashley Bartoletti
Photography Alligator Tail Tacos This falls squarely into the
category of "beasts we wouldn't wish to offend, and therefore probably
won't eat." At Gulliftys in Rosemont, Pennsylvania, tacos look innocuous
enough (sweet peppers, onions, cabbage, lemon caper remoulade, and a flour
tortilla), but those ingredients are stacked right next to the tail of a
Uni Tacos At hotshot chef Nobu Matsuhisa's Nobu Malibu, mini tacos come
two to a plate and decked out with ribeye, tuna, shrimp, lobster, or uni,
depending on your mood.
And the uni option looks incredible.
Milbet Del Cid /
Puchica Guatemalan Bar and Grill Hot Dog Tacos Can't decide
on a snack? Conflicted on hot dog versus taco? Don't worry; there's a
restaurant for that.
It's called Puchica Guatemalan Bar & Grill, and
it's in L.A.
The legend behind los shucos—"dirty" dogs—traces to
Guatemala City, when vendors started hawking American hot dogs topped with
avocado and cabbage.
Demand grew, and shucos spread to Los Angeles and San
Francisco, among other places.
At Puchica, order a "mixta," and all the
wild ingredients of a shuco—mayo, ketchup, mustard, guacamole, split hot
dogs, and sauerkraut—come nestled in a tortilla.
All for the bargain price
of $6.50. These days, chefs are going beyond the classic
Mexican toppings of cilantro, minced onion, and lime, with unusual taco
toppings like caviar, bison, and alligator tail.
T+L rounded up seven of the
most bizarre tacos in America.

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