Friday, November 13, 2015

At the Airbnb host conference in Paris this
week, the company unveiled some exciting new features.
Yesterday, Airbnb unveiled several new features designed
to make hosting easier and more profitable.
Here's what you need to know
about the brand's big announcement: Smart Pricing Come January, Airbnb
will give hosts the option of using a "smart pricing" feature to set
Instead of manually updating rental pricing, Airbnb will analyze
factors specific to location like large events (championship games, music
concerts, business conferences) and travel trends to ensure a competitive rate
within the region.
Hosts will be able to set the price to automatically adapt
to in-demand pricing, within a minimum and maximum range.
The "Business Travel Ready" Label This round of updates also included
the announcement of a new business travel certification program for
These listings will highlighted as "business travel ready" and will
be required to provide free Wi-Fi as well as amenities like ironing boards,
hair dryers, hangers and other services that corporate clients frequently
request, like 24-hour check-in.
Familiar Faces All users will now be required to provide a photograph
when they create an Airbnb account, so hosts will recognize their guests upon
For more information on the latest update, head to
Smart pricing, online community center, and more.
Read on for
details about the new Airbnb features.

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