Monday, November 23, 2015

Martin Courtney has spent
a lot of time in airport bars.
His band, Real Estate, has toured across the
country and the world, which translates to a lot of time waiting around
airports and killing time in bars.
With a resume like that, it shouldn't be a huge surprise that the single
from his debut solo album Many Moons, which is out now on Domino, was an ode
to his frequent haunt.
His song "Airport Bar" is the perfect soundtrack
for passing time when you wish you were anywhere else.
We asked Courtney to choose his five favorite airport bars for drinking
during flight delays.
Buffalo Wild Wings at JFK I often fly Delta, so I've spent a good amount
of time at JFK's terminal 4. It's like a home away from home at this point.
This bar just seems like the best option for killing some time before a flight
with a beer while zoning out on some college basketball game you don't care
Perry's at SFO This place just exudes class, from the dark wood paneling,
to the black and white tile floor, to the bright green plastic hedges that
flank the entrance off of SFO's terminal 1. Enjoy a club sandwich and a Tom
Collins while you watch a passed out guy in a suit get carted off to the
airport drunk tank on a stretcher.
Fairmont Hotel Jetside Bar at Vancouver Airport This is the bar inside
the Fairmont Hotel, which is a surprisingly nice hotel located inside the
Vancouver airport. You can sit and listen to live smooth jazz and watch the
planes take off and land through huge floor-to-ceiling windows. There's a
strong Lost In Translation vibe about this one.
Rock & Brews at LAX Possibly the best airport bar in America if
you're into watching a live version of Squeeze doing "Tainted" and other super
random versions of classic hits on their flat screens, while drinking a Coors
light or Jameson on the rocks, or both, while on a layover on your way to
Australia or something.
TGI Fridays at Detroit Airport When it's 11:30 p.m. on a Monday and
you're alone and on a layover on your way home from Milwaukee and there's pea
soup-fog at La Guardia and your flight's canceled, TGI Fridays is the best
place to drink your sorrows away while you frantically Priceline a disgusting
$60 hotel room a half mile away for you to sleep in for four hours before your
new flight takes off at 6 a.m. the next morning. The bleakest of the bleak.
T+L asked singer Martin Courtney, whose song "Airport Bar"
is the perfect soundtrack for passing time in transit, to choose his five
favorite airport bars.
Read on for his picks.

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