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Think only supermodels can look sexy when they get off a plane? Think again my
(Graphic: Erik Mace)I am the first to admit that I am not a pretty
I wear pajamas on the plane.
I don"t bother with makeup.
I almost
always break out.
If I were picking me up at the airport I would turn right
around and just go home."For these reasons I have always envied those
beautiful fliers, the ones that step off a plane and into the airport looking
fresh-faced without a hair out of place.
How do they do it, I wonder.
must be French.
The only excuse is that they"re French! Or perhaps they know
something I don"t know.
The concept of making myself look presentable, much
less beautiful in an airplane bathroom is simple daunting.I recently had the
chance to sit down with celebrity makeup artist Cassandra Suarez"to ask her
for some tips and tricks.
She swears that anyone with a few products and a few
minutes can make themselves look incredible on any airplane at any
Here"s what you need to do:1.
Moisturize! The stale recycled air and low
cabin humidity on planes causes skin to become much more dry.
"For those who
have normal to dry skin naturally, you may notice tightness or flakiness.
for folks who naturally have combo to oily skin, this drying process causes
your body to get confused and overproduce oil as its way of "damage
control."Related: 10 Things You Should Never Touch on a PlaneThese skin types
may experience a slight break out during flights.
This is why it"s important
to use a hydrating product that balances all skin types.
Suarez recommends the
NARS Aqua Gel Luminous Mask.
"Applying a thin layer of this product (you don"t
need to wash it off) before flying will hydrate the skin while regulating oil
Drink Up.
Your skin is already dry so don"t invest in things
that make it dryer! Drink plenty of water and tea and avoid the caffeinated
and alcoholic drinks.3.
"The first two steps will give you a solid
foundation for any flight.
Now for the good stuff.
Under eye concealer! Bobbi
Brown"s intensive skin serum concealer mimic"s the skin true texture, blurring
fine lines while reducing the appearance of dark circles and eradicating
Don"t neglect the eyes.
Everyone always works to cover the
darkness under their eyes but they forget that their eye lids can get dark and
discolored as well.
You would be surprised how much using a bright flesh toned
colored shadow can instantly make you look more awake.
I use vanilla cream
shadow stick from Bobbi Brown because it is a cream that glides on.
You can
blend it with your fingers.
It then sets and becomes water-resistant.Related:
Essential Travel Beauty Tips From the Most Stylish Flight Attendants5.
must use blush.
Applying a soft peachy/nude color on the cheeks can instantly
lift any dull complexion.
Gravitate towards peach.
If a person has a lot of
pink surface tone (or irritation caused by flying) using a pink blush can
highlight that tone in an unflattering way.
Peach helps to balance everything
Invest in a great lengthening mascara.
This will instantly bring drama
and lift to your eyes.
"Try the baby doll mascara by Yves Saint Laurent.
gives noticeably longer lashes even in one coat.
"Related: 10 Ways to Stay
Healthy While Flying7.
Don"t be afraid of the statement lip stick! There is no
faster way to instantly glamorize your look than applying a bold color on the
Every woman has a shade of red that is perfect for their skin tone,
whether it"s blue-based, orange-based or brown-based.
If red just isn"t your
thing then I encourage you to try a merlot, berry or fuchsia for an instant
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World Torture Themselves for BeautyI use vanilla cream shadow stick from Bobbi
Brown because it is a cream that glides on.
You can blend it with your
fingers..I use vanilla cream shadow stick from Bobbi Brown because it is a
cream that glides on.
You can blend it with your fingers.

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