Thursday, August 6, 2015

There’s only one place for true soccer fans traveling in England to stay: Manchester’s Hotel Football.

The new hotel is built next door to Old Trafford stadium, the home of Manchester United (a.k.a. the team that brought us David Beckham). But you don’t have to be a Man U fan to get a kick out of the hotel.

Set in the Quays, a bustling Manchester neighborhood ‘Hotel Football’, you may recall, is the brainchild of former captain Gary Neville. Shoe-horned rather more gracefully than at first looked possible on to a tiny patch of land 200 yards from the Holy Trinity statue of George Best, Sir Bobby Charlton and Dennis Law, the 133-room residence is impossible to miss.
Boasting a bar, restaurant and four-star facilities including a football pitch on the roof, it has only been opened a matter of months and is already a fundamental part of the Old Trafford landscape.
Fans gather there before matches and afterwards for Q&A sessions with other part-owners such as Ryan Giggs.
No detail is too small not to merit a soccer makeover, from the room numbers that are in the same font as football uniforms to the toiletries that come in packets designed to look like soccer kits.

Of course no establishment that tries to live up to the name Hotel Football would be complete without its own soccer field (or football pitch, in British parlance). Their field sits on the roof of the hotel and features a retractable roof, a fully stocked bar, and walls made of Plexiglass, which allow for expansive views of the stadium…or the city of Manchester, if you can tear your eyes away from the game.

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