Wednesday, July 29, 2015

All of Cityzen by Azin's designs feature NASA
imagery from cities around the world Finally, you can
wear your favorite landmark—or at least a satellite image of your
destination of choice. Cityzen by Azin is a line of apparel and accessories
for men and women that feature NASA imagery taken 3-5 miles above cities
around the world. The details are subtle; many of the geographical elements
play into the structure of the designs versus blatantly announcing themselves
in a print. Some of the featured destinations include the New York, New
Jersey, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Rio di
Janeiro, Cairo, Dhaka, London, Istanbul, and more. Each item comes with a
custom hangtag calling out some of the locations featured on the design.
Designer Azin Valy used to be an architect, and it shows through her
tendency to match up topographical elements to the design details (ex: The
Tiber River on the "Rome" dress curves around the wearer's neck to create a
one-of-a-kind neckline). Scarves, kaftans, bags, and pocket squares are all
available, as well as a ready-to-wear women's collection. You can check out
all of the designs on Cityzen's website. Erika Owen is the Audience
Engagement Editor at Travel + Leisure.  Follow her on Twitter and
Instagram at @erikaraeowen. More good reads from T+L:
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• 40 Reasons to Travel Now Did you enjoy this
article? Share it. Cityzen by Azin features NASA
imagery showcasing destinations around the world.

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