Friday, July 24, 2015

Flying has become so
commonplace, it's easy to forget just how spectacular the act is. An
ex-Boeing repairman who took the liberty to explain the causes of all of those
unsettling aircraft noises put it perfectly: "People not familiar with
airplanes are scared because they are forced to be quiet and go along with
acting normal while stuck in a tube hurtling through the air at 600 miles an
hour, and 30,000 feet above the earth. " Facebook user Michelle Carville's
father was anything but frightened on his maiden flight or so it seems, given
the video his daughter took showcasing his delight. This is just a
reminder for us all that's there's still joy in the (not-so) little
things. The next time you're dreading a flight, give this a watch:  
My daddy's first time on a plane & I managed to catch a video of
"The Take Off". . . . . . it was too good not to share : ) ✈️ Posted by
Michelle Carville on Thursday, July 16, 2015 Erika Owen is the Audience
Engagement Editor at Travel + Leisure.  Follow her on Twitter and
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What Hollywood Looked Like in the 1930s A daughter took a video of her
father flying for the first time to remind us all that's there's
still joy in the (not-so) little things.

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