Wednesday, July 29, 2015

One of the Breaking Bad houses is for sale.
(Photo: Coldwell Banker)The television show Breaking Bad spawned a new era of
tourism to Albuquerque.
Now you can own one of the houses that has become a must-see on any
traveler’s Breaking Bad itinerary: the house where character Jesse
Pinkman went from riches to rags and back again.
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AlbuquerqueColdwell Banker put up the house up for sale Tuesday for a
cool $1.
6 million.
(In the show, Jesse paid just $400,000 for the property.
) The mother-daughter realtors behind the sale even created a website for the
  Not a drug den anymore.
(Photo: Coldwell Banker)Located in the Albuquerque Country Club neighborhood,
the 3,500-square-foot Spanish colonial house has four bedrooms and multiple
Just think of all the money you could make renting this out on Airbnb to
Breaking Bad-obsessed vacationers.
Our only question: does come with a meth lab in the
basement? Related: How This Guy Made $200k on Airbnb
The entrance to the house.
 (Photo: Coldwell Banker)WATCH: You Can Go Home Again: A Walk Down Memory
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 One of the Breaking Bad houses in Albuquerque is for sale.
One of the Breaking Bad houses in Albuquerque is for sale.

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