Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The much-maligned middle seat just got an
The cost? Smaller bathrooms and (eek!) non-reclinable seats.
Budget airline Frontier recently announced that middle
seats on its refurbished Airbus 320s and 319s will be at least an inch
wider than window and aisle seats: a spacious (that's airplane jargon for
not-claustrophobia-inducing) 19.
3-inches from side to side.
That could be the widest airplane seat in the U.
Of course, Frontier isn't conjuring extra space from out of thin air.
Bathrooms will be smaller, the new seats will be slimmer (the thickness from
front to back) and seat pitch will shrink two inches to a cozy 28-inches.
That's less than 30 inches from your seat to the one directly in
front of you.
But don't worry.
Your counterpart in the aisle ahead of you won't be reclining into your
personal space.
Frontier's new seats will no longer recline.
Fortunately, the middle seat will come at no extra cost.
Whether or not the money you do spend is money well spent, well, we suggest
you take that up with seatmates.
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Is adding an extra inch to the width of the middle seat enough to make
it more desirable than the aisle or window seat? Frontier Airlines wants to
bet it is.

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