Friday, July 17, 2015

Worrying about an
uncharged phone shouldn't be an issue when you're out connecting with the
great outdoors, but the truth of the matter is that a functioning smartphone
can be an essential tool in emergency situations. Solar Paper—a sun-fueled
phone charger that looks better than most of the options out there—is thin
enough to fit among the pages of a notebook, but comes with enough power to
fully charge an iPhone 6 with 2. 5 hours of sunlight. The
charger also works with GoPros, external batteries, portable speakers,
flashlights, digital cameras, and tablets—basically anything with a power
cord. Additional panels—which are attached via magnet connectors—can be
added for devices requiring more power. The best feature may be the
gadget's ability to automatically reset itself when light is temporarily
lost. Most solar chargers need to be manually reset as clouds pass and
block sunlight. See it in action: For more information on Solar Paper,
head over to the Kickstarter campaign. Erika Owen is the Audience
Engagement Editor at Travel + Leisure.  Follow her on Twitter and
Instagram at @erikaraeowen. More good reads from T+L:
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Solar Paper is a sun-fueled charger for phones, tablets, cameras,
flashlights, GoPros and more.

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