Saturday, July 18, 2015

In Japan, couples can hire an alpaca to witness their wedding.
(Photo: Epinard Nasu/ Facebook)It’s usually considered bad taste to
take attention from the bride on her wedding day.
But in Japan, one wedding guest is stealing focus at the bride’s
The Epinard Nasu hotel in Tochigi, Japan now allows couples to hire an alpaca
to serve as their witness.
 No joke.
The furry animals live at a local zoo next to the hotel, and simply stroll
over to the hotel to complete their wedding duties.
 A trainer walks the animal down the aisle, and the alpaca spends the
rest of the wedding standing next to the bride and groom.
They are even available for photos after the ceremony.
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Make your wedding photos even more memorable — add an alpaca!
(Photo: Epinard Nasu/Facebook)Alpacas are already known for their hipster
haircuts, but these animals come to the wedding dressed to impress.
The alpacas are washed and groomed before the ceremony, and don different
colored bow ties to really class it up.
You may be wondering if alpacas have any significance in Japanese culture, and
the answer is no.
This generation of Japanese couples are simply moving away from traditional
Shinto ceremonies and are making original wedding plans.
 Plus, alpacas are super cute.
 The website doesn’t reveal how much it will cost to hire an
alpaca as your witness, but something tells us, the experience is priceless.
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In Japan, couples can hire an alpaca to witness their wedding.
In Japan, couples can hire an alpaca to witness their wedding.

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