Monday, July 20, 2015

More than half of Turkey's salt comes from
Lake Tuz. It's hard to take a photo of Lake Tuz in
Aksaray, Turkey that isn't absolutely breathtaking, thanks to its
rainbow of reds and pinks. Turns out it's much more than a scenic
spot—more than half of Turkey's salt comes from this shallow body of
water. The entire lake spans 643 square miles and stays around one-foot deep
for most of the yea. Come summertime, the water dries up leaving behind a
thick layer of brine to be mined. If you're lucky, you might spot a
flamboyance of flamingos along the southern section of the lake. Here's just
a taste of what you can see if you ever find yourself in the area:
2015 Anadolu Agency 2015 Anadolu Agency
2015 Anadolu Agency 2015 Anadolu Agency
2015 Anadolu Agency 2015
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into Regionalized Playlists Lake Tuz in Aksaray, Turkey shows off a
brilliant rainbow of reds and pinks, thanks to the lake's high salt

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