Friday, July 24, 2015

As Madrid's heat wave
winds down, it's safe to enjoy the outdoors again. You'll feel like a kid
on summer holiday while strolling the streets of Madrid's super-trendy
Malasaña neighborhood with a gourmet popsicle from Lolo Polos.   For
about $3 a pop, you can sample a wide array of cooling summer flavors, from
time-tested fruit combos such as pineapple and coconut, to more adventurous
blends like watermelon and cucumber, mango, yogurt and cardamom, or melon and
pepper.  All are made with ripe fresh fruit in season, with no
preservatives or artificial colors, and very little added sugar. Daily
flavors vary depending on what's in season.   Lolo was launched by
sisters Azmina and Ashrafa Khanbai, who wanted to recreate the simple, healthy
treats they had growing up in Tanzania, where everything was made fresh and at
home. The tiny shop interior's pastel stripes—evocative of so many ice
cream flavors—and the highly Instagrammable display of vividly colored
popsicles lined up in tidy little rows are as popular on social media as they
are in the frozen (fruit) flesh on a scorching summer day.  
    Andrew Ferren is on the Spain beat for Travel + Leisure.
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Snailmail Inspiration Madrid's latest summer trend are artisanal
popsicles, available at popular Lolo Polos in the trendy Malasaña

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