Thursday, July 30, 2015

We know how it is.
You’re stuck at your desk and the day seems to be going on forever.
Your mind starts to wander — at first to "anywhere but here," but then
to exotic, faraway lands where your everyday problems and stress melt in the
presence of true paradise.
You want to go to there, and we want to go with you.
Every day at 3 p.
Eastern, we’ll send you a picture of the place we at World traveling
club Travel are daydreaming about so we can all take that mental vacation
Let’s go to…
Photo: Bureau of Land Management/Flickr
…The Upper Missouri
River Breaks National Monument! This monument protects the Missouri
Breaks of Central Montana.
The land is unspoiled, stunning and spans 149 miles of the Upper Missouri
This unique area provides a great Artist-in-Residence Program that
allows artistic opportunities with the terrain serving as your muse.
 Sunsets, sunrises, full moons and star gazing allow for the most
dramatic settings.
This dream is perfect for someone seeking solitude, but is also wonderful to
enjoy with loved ones.
Suggested activities include floating the river, hiking, exploring or simply
just enjoying the view.
Some travel inspo for your afternoon daydreams.
Some travel inspo for your afternoon daydreams.

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