Monday, July 20, 2015

We know how it is.
You’re stuck at your desk and the day seems to be going on forever.
Your mind starts to wander — at first to "anywhere but here," but then
to exotic, faraway lands where your everyday problems and stress melt in the
presence of true paradise.
You want to go to there, and we want to go with you.
Every day at 3 p.
Eastern, we’ll send you a picture of the place we at World traveling
club Travel are daydreaming about so we can all take that mental vacation
Let’s go to…
Photo: Bryan/Flickr
…The Hoh Rainforest!!! The Hoh
Rainforest is nestled in Olympic National Park, and is one of the only
protected temperate rainforests in the Northern Hemisphere.
 A typical year consists of 12 feet of rain, resulting in super lush
and green vegetation.
The image above was taken on the Hall of Mosses trail, which hints at
the local ecosystem.
Elk, banana slugs, Sitka spruce, Pacific tree frogs, and Olympic black bears
are some of the different flora and fauna that exist here.
A little bit of TV trivia: The Hoh Rainforest is the setting for the reality
TV series "The Legend of Mick Dodge," a National Geographic channel show about
a man living off the grid.
If we knew that "living off the grid" involved such magical green
surroundings, we would have gladly handed over our laptops and cell phones
ages ago (maaaaybe…).
 Some travel inspo for your afternoon daydreams.
Some travel inspo for your afternoon daydreams.

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