Thursday, July 23, 2015

The price tag of $3,700 may seem steep, but think of all
the "Bachelorette" spoofs you can upload to Youtube.
Those will be priceless.
(Photo: HomeAway)But will it come with the final rose?There are plenty of
ways that real life can capitalize on reality television, but this is a new
On next Monday’s episode of ABC’s reality dating show "The
Bachelorette," bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe will introduce her two final
suitors to her family in a gorgeous Malibu home.
 Related: Airbnb Reviews We Wish ExistedNow fans can have a rose ceremony
of their own, or perhaps a night in the "fantasy suite," or maybe just
a "Bachelorette" marathon in this very house.
 The exact Malibu home will be available for rent on the website HomeAway
starting at $3,700 a night.
 According to HomeAway:"This gated property is located on the sand in one
of Malibu’s most exclusive beachfront neighborhoods.
Stargaze to the sound of echoing waves atop the sprawling rooftop patio or
meditate upon the rolling gardens, infinity pool and spa only steps from the
" True love may or may not be in the cards for Kaitlyn, but show fans can
certainly use this pad to create a little romance of their own.
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The Malibu home being featured in the "Bachelorette" can now be rented
through Home Away.
The Malibu home being featured in the "Bachelorette" can now be rented
through Home Away.

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